Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 28/29 - Nighttime Impressions

Day 28
After we cleaned up the entire mess in our house, we had to see something different than our quite windowless living room. We visited the Honen-in temple in our neighborhood and ate a fantastic, home-cooked Thai Curry.

Day 29
Today my parcel arrived from Switzerland - after less than a week. I forgot my hand splint and was sent some more pills to help my tendonitis. After having climbed up the mountain behind our rental house and enjoying the fantastic view over Kyoto up to Osaka at the horizon, we had a wonderful Risotto. 

In the afternoon we decided to visit Sanjusangen-do, another famous temple also known as the temple of the 1001 Buddhas. As people are not allowed to take any pictures inside the hall, I've only got this photograph from the outside with me for comparison. Click here for Google indoor pics. Very impressive that these statues are from the early middle age and that they are so different in detail. It is said that every Japanese can recognize him- or herself in one of the Buddhas.

The great hall of Sanjusangen-do is 120 meters long - the longest temple hall in Japan

After have been shopping at Teramachi-dori and its parallel shopping streets, we sat down at the wonderful Kamo riverside, watched the people passing by and eating in one of the riverside restaurants.

Today was the first of only three night openings of the Kiyomizudera temple. It was even more impressive than it was at daytime. Through loudspeakers monks prayed very loudly and monotonously, only accompanied by bell sounds. Even one of the pagoda Buddhas was presented to the public, as well as other sanctuaries that are usually hidden.

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