Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 43 - Bye bye Japan - Hello Singapore!!

Conclusion about Japan, especially about Kyoto:
  • Beautiful city
  • Very clean
  • Many temples
  • Romantic festivals
  • Everything very cute, sweet and much romance
  • Many kimonos
  • Extremely humid and hot
  • Extremely friendly and open Japanese
  • Always making presents
  • Many selfie sticks, many cameras, many photos
  • Very calm, small town feeling despite being a city of 1.5 million 
  • Majority of tourists speak French or Spanish
  • The center of traditional Japanese culture, and still very Japanese today (e.g., food)

Love that! Eating breakfast and watching planes in the Kansai Airport Lounge.

Campari Soda and Singapore Sling (first serving)
You certainly have to look up on Internet the Singapore Airline flight attendant uniforms! They look so wonderful, and each color symbolizes a certain status. Very surprising was that you do even in regular economy class not only get a menu card that explains food choices, but that they have two servings of cocktails before food is served...

First impressions about Singapore:
  • Many Chinese (70%), many Indians or Malaysians, dark-skinned
  • Mainly English spoken in public
  • Cheap public transport
  • An island full of high-rise buildings
  • Loud streets, much traffic
  • Very clean (heavy on-the-spot fines for chewing gums, littering, spitting, eating or drinking in public transportation). An extra post in the subway (MRT) makes clear that eating durians is also illegal
  • Anonymous feeling
  • Majority of tourists speak German or English
  • Escalators run really fast, the fastest I've ever seen
  • At least two different cultures at a glance
  • Culture mix and religion mix seem to work well!
  • Very international - after six weeks in Japanese supermarkets where you nearly get no non-Japanese food items, here you can get everything from Korean Kimchi over Vegemite and Aperol to Swiss Rösti and Swiss bread 

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