Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 40 - Kaiyukan and Typhoon

Got a wonderful Japanese breakfast from my friend's mother! Actually we wanted to get up at 8:30, but slept until 10, so that we didn't have time anymore to go shopping in Osaka's Umeda quarter. We were driven to Shin-Osaka and found my friend's friend that I already knew from day 5 at the University - the one that speaks French. We had a great time in the Kaiyukan (Osaka aquarium) the biggest in Japan. And it really was so big! Many smaller basins with penguins, seals, otters and fishes, and a large basin in the middle of the building around which you could walk five floors downwards.

Unfortunately, when we left the aquarium, we we hit by the first (really light) remainders of the current typhoon - I think it was no 2015-15. In the train, probably half the way between Osaka and Kyoto, an announcement in Japanese made everybody immediately moan - I didn't understand anything of course... Fortunately this time I was joined by my friends and she translated that, due to the heavy rains, another train was cancelled and our train was downgraded from a "Special Rapid Express" to a "Local" train - which means that it doesn't stop only once between Osaka and Kyoto, but at every single bloody station. At Kyoto station we said goodbye to the French speaking friend, and drove by bus to a restaurant where we met my dad for dinner. Bad luck that we got off the bus one station too early, and that we first walked into the wrong direction because it was bucketing the hell out of the clouds due to the typhoon. Fortunately it was warm rain, but lots of it together with strong gusts. We were sopping wet when we arrived. The Indian restaurant owner immediately brought us a towel and a hot soup. The rain and wind even got stronger during the night, it sounded like the roof was nearly crashing.

What I learned? The German expression "muckimucki", to describe a muscly person, even exists in Japanese, exactly identically.

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