Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 36 - Eat, Pray, Shop (To-ji Temple Market)

Another variety of bunnie and froggie construction
fences: Bowing workers (even with different
haircolors), to say sorry for the roadworks
As today was August 21st, the temple market at To-ji (near Kyoto Station) was the place to go. The temple, by the way another World Heritage Site and filming location for many movies including Kurosawa's Rashomon), opens every month on the 21st, because the temple's founder died on a 21st. This market is not only one of the oldest and biggest, but also one of the most famous in Japan. To-ji's five story pagoda is the highest one in Japan, just to add another record.
We walked along the many market stalls in the heat of the day, so we deigned ourselves a grape-flavored shaved ice -yum. Among others you could find used kimonos for 1000 Yen or nice antiquities. I liked that you can take your time and look around without being chatted up by the sellers.

Green Tea Panino
For those tired of browsing and negotiating (or just exhausted from the heat), there were many food stalls and even more handy opportunities for a short prayer. As the market is in the temple grounds, there were many shrines open and even praying monks standing around.
After the old-fashioned market, 15 minutes away we explored the seven-storied tech stores. There you can find everything from washing machines to cosmetic items and camera equipment. Even buying little things becomes a challenge if you can chose among ten thousand different headphones and various sorts of selfie sticks.....

In the evening we had Indian food for dinner in a very cute restaurant. Since the air conditioner froze me to death, we changed seats. After we denied being students (because the restaurant was located in the Kyoto University area), we were asked the first time, if we were parents of a student then ..... As if we looked like a couple, my father and me.....

To-ji temple market, with the five-storied pagoda as a backdrop

A temple pond full of blooming Lotus! 

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