Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 115 - Outback Day 6: Winetasting and Arrival in Adelaide

Why not setting an extremely noisy alarm clock to 4 AM in the morning? One of our fellow campers did so, and as a consequence the last night under the sky was unpleasantly interrupted. For some reason my dad and me, and the elderly couple were the only ones that heard it, me even through my earplugs. But I was happy to see Orion directly over my head. Fortunately, instead of  the dingoes that I saw the last nights, only the owner's lapdog ran around. Having luckily being able to sleep again a while, I was awakened by the rising sun at 06.30. There were so many huge ants running around my swag that I wanted to get out of here anyway. And because we had plenty of time today, we got served scrambled eggs, fried ham and pancakes for breakfast by our guide.
The landscapes were so beautiful again, and after some time we reached the wine fields of Clare Valley where we attended the wine tasting (I just tried nips from my dad's glasses) and bought a dessert wine which was quite yum as a present for our dinner invitation in Perth.
Our last lunch we had on a playground where we also took some group pictures, but I failed to look in the camera -.- However, I was pretty shocked that all the food that we didn't need anymore was thrown away! Including sealed mayonnaise tubes and 20 zucchini of whom we didn't use a single one. Unfortunately hardly anybody could take something with him/her for later use, because everybody needed to fly somewhere.
In total: more than 3000km, lots of different landscapes, many different people, good time, 4 nights outside, 2 nights without tent, one night underground, many mental souvenirs, one opal souvenir, many new songs, many future ideas
Saying goodbye was pretty hard. Being the last people to be picked up, we were also the first people to be dropped of in Adelaide. But the grief released when we left the hotel and instantly met one of our group on the street. This is Adelaide:

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