Friday, November 27, 2015

Day 125 - Hot n Cold

A huge green kiwifruit standing at the street, to give Te Puke, the world capital of kiwifruits, more significance. You can attend kiwi farm tours there, or just visit the shop and buy some kiwi stuff. On the information papers we read that the kiwifruit exists since 1952 only!

This morning we left towards Tauranga to climb the mighty Mount Maunganui: an enormous total of 320 vertical meters ;-) It took us nevertheless about an hour, because it was quite challenging due to steep paths. We enjoyed every angle of the view around the mountain, the deep blue sea on the one side, the city on a peninsula on the other side. Fortunately we had too big eyes again concerning our breakfast supplies, so that we had lots of leftovers to eat at the summit. Yum. By the way: New Zealand hike path conditions come close to Swiss ones, because most of the people greet each other (“Grüezi-Weg”, that we already mentioned on Yakushima, Japan).


The final kilometers on our way to Auckland lead us through the Matemate district again, where Hobbiton is, and we drove some time through the "Shire". At a lunch stop, I could also catch up on the “bush toilet experience” I missed on our outback tour.

At our budget hotel near Auckland airport we refueled our need of good Internet and good food, not just from the supermarket. At the airport terminal, we had some Chinese stuff and hanged around for two hours or so - Mostly looking for spaces where it wasn’t so cold as New Zealanders seem to be open-door lovers. Not only because I had wet hair I needed to wear a hood outside! Awful...

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