Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 116 - Adelaide and Flight back to Perth

We enjoyed our beds and slept until 9.30. After our checkout we visited the Botanic Garden of Adelaide which was very beautiful. On our way we met two other girls from our Outback trip group at the traffic light, in the garden we saw another two, and on our way back we saw another girl from far away walking by. Adelaide seems to be small :P
Video of the lorikeet tree is coming soon....
The second best thing to do in Adelaide were the markets. They sold organic food and many sustainable things, but also had restaurants and bits and bobs shops. Seems like we miss the hawker centers in Singapore: we went to a Malaysian restaurant and had laksa and that yummie stuff, even a Teh Tarik. Maybe that's also why we didn't do a cooking class in Australia. Australia is an immigrant nation that adopted and adapted many eating cultures - except genuine Australian inventions like Marmite and Vegemite. Eww.
At the airport I finally received a compliment concerning my shirt. The entire day I was ashamed about it, but I didn't have another spare shirt left... It showed the NASA logo for about 20 times each side. "Wow, well that's a cool shirt!" Hope he didn't mean it ironically.
Adelaide townhall
The arrival in out B&B in Perth wasn't too pleasant, because it was already dark and the keys weren't were we were told they would be. But after a few minutes our host arrived by car and let us in. The B&B is cute and has quite much space. My dad has stayed there with my younger sister five years ago. Our host told us that he will close his business in a few weeks and go travelling himself. I imagine it must be hard for people to see others having a good time but oneself hasn't. I wish him all the best :-)

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