Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 154 - IAH-LAX-OGG

Departing from Los Angeles Westward

Due to our Round-the-World ticket we had to continue our trip from Houston, not from Dallas - Ft. Worth. That means we got up at 4:15 AM to drive four hours to Houston by car. Another sunrise on this trip, but anyway: the three of us could sleep, my dad had to drive. It took quite some time for the check-in agent to get us boarding passes for the flights to Maui - four different bookings for us - while my Mom and sister had United tickets, my dad flew the first leg on a Swiss ticket and I on a Lufthansa ticket - while we both flew the second leg on an Expedia ticket. After some 20 minutes, we proceesed to security and then had to split again - two were allowed into the lounge, and us kids had to wait outside and purchase our lunch.
In Los Angeles we probably saw a celebrity (who believes) because someone pulled her hat suspiciously deep into the face. We had lunch at Carl's Jr. where a person left his backpack. What a cuuute puppy came to help the police officers to find out whether it was just a stressed passenger or a terrorist.

On the plane to Maui I had a nice talk with a Californian until he changed seats with his son, because he probably didn't feel well with his size next to a stranger. During the flight my sister and I were talking non-stop to each other, there was so much to tell. When we arrived it was already dark and we only saw some lights of Maui. The arrival would have been cooler if not only three of four suitcases came...

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