Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 155 - Welcome to the Celebrities' Paradise: Maui

Today I was awake at 5.30 due to jet lag - four hours between Texas and Hawai'i time. I could waste one hour until the rest of us was awake, too. We had breakfast and soon were walking along the beach towards a coral promontory where we enjoyed the islands around us, vanishing in the haze. How brisk the water temperature was! I was sure I wouldn't be swimming here...
For lunch we went to a Thai restaurant where my dad first had been in 2003. There he discovered the famous Thai tea that we only ever could buy on Maui in a small Asia shop near the restaurant. We learned: no coconut milk, but canned milk and a very sweetened tea is the perfect mix.
When we came home our delayed bag was finally delivered. So my mother could sleep in a pajama now. For dinner we had tasty "poke" and a few salads from the deli counter. Poke is a national dish of Hawai'i which is similar to "poisson cru" on Tahiti or "ceviche" as we had it on the Easter Island.
I went to bed at 21.00, when my sister was already deeply asleep.
The cake shelf at Safeway
The Poke shelf at Safeway

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