Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 161 - Lots of Presents

On our first full day on the Big Island (which actually is called Hawai'i), we explored our rental home. South Kona is peaceful and mostly sunny, but the drawback is that there is neither a garbage collection nor a central waters system. As a consequence, the collected rain water in our house was not only unfit to drink (and not really suitable for cooking), but also smelled not really pleasant when being used for washing. Nice was not only the great view over the ocean from most windows and the deck, but also the many cute green geckos who sometimes were so trusting that they licked your finger when you had water (or eggnog) on it!!! What a Christmas present.

Due to baggage restriction and missing shopping opportunities,
the number of Christmas presents this year was small,
and our Christmas tree had to be electronic (Laptop screen)

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