Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 156 - At the Bigwig's

This morning I was able to skype after a long time (since Australia) - the internet was just too slow in the meantime. After this one hour we visited the bay of Wailea, where the bigwigs spend their holiday. The beach was really crowded, and there was a long lineup of expensive condos and beach resorts. Mom and dad went jogging, my sister and I had a walk in the sun, and really wished to be able to jump into the water, it was so hot. Back home we first made a liter of Thai tea, and I compensated the missed jog of this morning by doing some exercise.

By the way, we watched the sunset and like yesterday. Just after the sun had completely vanished, someone blew through a conch, whereupon the torches were lit and the crowd left the beach.



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