Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 159 - Lana'i

"thar she blows" (cf. Moby Dick)

We had to get up early to catch our ferry to which we had to check in in Lahaina (a 45 minute drive from our condo) at 08.45. We chose a place in the rear, but I nevertheless got seasick. With our snorkel stuff, towels, beach chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, noodle, we looked like attending an open air concert. During the ferry ride my dad and sister (mom and I were talking) saw a whale! On our arrival at Lana'i (after a 45 minute sailing), we met an extremely beautiful dog, appropriately named "Bella", with green-yellow eyes.

From the small boat harbor, it was just a 6-7 minute walk to Hulopoe Beach, one of Hawai'i's best beaches. It was nearly empty when we got there. Hulopoe is a yellow sand beach with nice surf, but the best is that on both sides you can snorkel along rocks and reef for hundreds of meters. Its highlights are high visibility, an abundance of fish (even schools of 30 or more) and the possibility of spotting bigger wildlife - dolphins and turtles - farther out. Although we saw no turtles and dolphins today (unlike my father some years ago), it was great snorkeling! Less pleasant was to be accosted instantly by some kind of German speaking boys as soon as my parents were out snorkeling, but what can you do.

See the swarm of fish?

The whale that I saw on the back ride

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