Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 173 - Final Goodbye and Final Hello

Another sunrise activity for our collection, this morning - although involuntarily because we had to get up very early to bring my mother and sister to the airport for a 07:20 flight. We had to rebook their flight back home due to my Mother's injury. We brought them to the security line, said the last goodbye, filled up our rental car and then headed on to our own flight to our last island: Kauai!

Everything went good except for that we had to wait for two hours until our room was ready. However it certainly was worth the wait! I've never seen a room with so much space and such a great view. We even each got a Lei made of orchid blossoms. In order to shorten our waiting time, the hotel provided us with food and drink vouchers which came very handy.

Yes, I'm kinda spoiled, because I can be at this resort without even
having to work (my dad has to). Isn't that awesome? So lucky.

When my father then had his first business dinner, I discovered a monk seal on the beach which looked like the stones around it. Hyper cute, but barely doing anything except for breathing, shortly looking around, and once scratching its chin. What a nice introduction to the final ten days of our six-month trip, on Kauai.

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