Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 180 - Open Doors Helicopter Flight

Gotten up early this morning, for our super spontaneous helicopter flight. Big excitement because it won't be the regular 7-seater luxury helicopter flight, but a much smaller heli with the pilot only (three guest seats) and, most exciting, with the doors dismounted! The moment of taking off, flying, and later actually sitting hundreds of meters above the ground which you could look at from your seat, this feeling is indescribable. What a thrill when we flew over the volcano erosion ribs that we seemed to touch which wasn't the case of course ;-) and a whole new world of valley opens up beneath yourself. But attention: you really have to pretend to have doors there, because of the air movements around the helicopter. Anything would have been pushed back or down with 200km/h or so. Fortunately I had tied my hair together really nice and tight, it's super strange and somehow awful how the wind whips your face and shake your clothes... After 55 minutes it was all over, and it was good to be on solid ground again, since I felt a little sick from that rollercoaster ride. But it certainly won't be my last helicopter flight.

Unfortunately I cannot share my 55-minute video with you,
but I can post this picture of one of the waterfalls to which
we flew especially close.

One extract of an entire valley fringe at the Na Pali coast. See how thin these ribs are?
Like kilometer high walls.
May I introduce you to the healthiest restaurant I have ever eaten at? It's called "Rainbow Living Foods" and run by the landlord and landlady of our round feng shui rental house. The picture shows the special "Rainbow Burger" which doesn't really look like a burger at all. And it doesn't taste like one, too, but even better! Why? 'Cause it's freakin' vegan, organic, locally grown, gluten free AND raw! Even the -bread- slices weren't baked or so, just dried. How creative is that? This was probably the healthiest meal I've ever had. And have you ever heard of Greenware products?

By the way, we went a little shopping in Kapa'a in the afternoon, had a Shave Ice and finally got a famous Original Dirt Shirt which is hand washed in Kauai red dirt to dye. Yay!

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