Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 179 - Snorkeling with Turtles and Hiking the Kalalau Trail

Anini beach is famous for its calm waters and the grazing turtles. In about one hour I discovered three turtles quite randomly living their life. The picture above is my favorite from the "shooting", because I was told that turtles usually do not breathe in "danger", when humans are around. But this one did, and how! Did you know that they can breathe fourth times the amount of the human lung capacity with one breath?

After having dried and dressed ourselves, we drove further up to the trailhead of Kalalau, the only trail that goes up and down the Na Pali coast, for 11 miles. As we did not get one of the 60 permits per day, we had a good excuse for only hiking the first two miles into the trail - which was OK because we were neither prepared nor fit nor early enough for a really long hike. Up and down, up and down in crisscross. Not only the view of the sea and the unbelievably sharp mountain ribs was stunning, but also the trail was beautiful. Through jungle and huge spider webs, plastered or totally muddy and slimy. The hiking stick we grabbed at the entrance sign turned out to be really helpful, in spite of feeling like Gandalf 99% of the time ;-)

After having passed several hikers on our way back, we were happy to arrive at the trailhead at sunset. Although we therefore missed the sunset at nearby Ke'e beach, also the dusk was beautiful, with a moon like the Cheshire Cat.


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