Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 178 - Hiking the Sleeping Giant

Can you read the sign?
"N   ICE"
"E d O   rail!          go beyond this sign - please           "
ha ha

What a beautiful walk. After sleeping in a little, we thought that we were quite late attempting the "Sleeping Giant" trail not far from our rented house. So we hurried the little more than 1000 feet elevation gain to the top in not much more than an hour. A bit hidden, in the woods behind a picnic place with a nice view we headed even further than this sign advised us to go. Actually, the "modified" version of the warning sign even requested us to proceed from the giant's belly al the way up to his head. There was a trail up there, but quite dangerous for shaky joints. When we relaxed at a (already) frightening point to eat our snack and enjoy the view, the neighboring group of youngsters became a little too courageous in taking "cool" pictures by standing on the very edge of the cliff with one leg in the air. Okay, enough. Our descent was even quicker, because the last third of the path we jogged down! This was so funny and challenging somehow, not to trip. Sweaty enough, we drove home and relaxed for the rest of the day ;-)

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