Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 177 - Another Round House

A round house is good for feng shui, our landlady told us.
And yes, you find at least three Buddha sculptures or
paintings, next to an Egyptian Pharaoh. Together with her
(Indian?) husband they run a restaurant in town that offers
nothing but vegan, raw and gluten free food. Matches!

As the first night in a new home is always confusing, we both woke up quite often and, consequently, then slept in. After getting up late, it was too late for any "big" activity. We had a small breakfast, took our time and started the afternoon at a highly recommended food truck called "Green Pig". Yummie, their menu was printed on black surfboards, quite cool, and we ordered a Loco Moco and BBQ Pulled Pork. Loco Moco is nothing else than rice topped with some meat of your choice, cooked egg and gravy. The BBQ Pulled Pork was a burger with the so called "omgbbq Sauce", and it really tasted like omg. We were accompanied by chickens and a bigger kitten (I'm sure they just wanted my food), and even had fresh flowers on our picnic bench, how lovely!

Practically, the bicycle rental "stall" was right across the food truck. I put this word in inverted commas, because actually it was a horizontal pole where some bikes were locked at, and a table with forms to fill out, a pen and a Nokia cell phone, older than dirt, chained to the pole. With that cell phone you had to call someone at a distant office who took your credit card information and told you the code for the bike lock. There you go!

We biked an hour to the south towards the coconut plantation along the beach, and returned to see the other side towards the North, too. All of a sudden my dad noticed huge splashes on the sea like from a boat, and there were whales JUMPING! We don't know how many were there, but they jumped about five or six times, so that we could see their head. Stunning. The time afterwards they were waving hello and goodbye to us about ten times...

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