Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 182 - The Very Last Day

The pictures show what special things we did to celebrate our very last full enjoyable day of our six-month trip: eatin' & relaxin'. We had lunch at the Green Pig food truck again, two servings of the omgbbq sauce pulled pork sandwich and this time with curly fries as their fryer was repaired! The exact opposite of our lunch at Rainbow Living Foods.....

A last time through the Tree Tunnel, a last jump into the waves for a long time. Barefoot, light clothes, perfect temperature. For a conclusion I had my first Mai Tai ;-) to cheer onto that amazing half year, full of unforgettable memories of whose many just can dream. Thank you, dad.

My last sunset on Hawaii for a long time, huh. Understandable that this day and evening became quite emotional. I miss home but I will miss traveling, too!

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