Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 45 - Marina Bay

Today was Sunday, what means that we had our own breakfast: crusty bread from a Swiss bakery (in Singapore) that prints even "natürlich frisch" on their product bags... After one and a half hours of skypeing with my best friend, the Internet was a little exhausted, and we decided to go to Marina Bay. This is of course a very well-known site, and I was so excited to see it myself! When we arrived I couldn't believe my eyes, it's incredible: I'm in love with the unique design of the Marina Bay hotel! One could discuss whether the very fragile looking swimming pool on the top and the quite massive hotel room buildings that build its base really fit nicely together, but the view from the back is really stunning (picture). My father told me that in the early 1990s there was only a number of high-rise buildings on the city side, but the semi-island on the sea side had not even be created. With all these land reclaim projects, it is no surprise that Singapore is the World's biggest importer of - sand!

When we got to the Gardens by the Bay, I couldn't believe my eyes again: I thought not to be in the wrong movie, but in Avatar! Because the ticket corner for the "skywalk" through the tree-tops closed 15 minutes before we arrived, we couldn't go up. We rather sat down on the ground (when it was dark already) and waited a few minutes for the start of the light show. A wonderful show, perfectly adapted for the quite loud music with a lot of bass that fully reminded me of the Lion King Musical that we saw in May this year (that was by the way amazing). While the regular light show is more scifi-like and deepens the Avatar feelings, during August a special show for Singapore's 50th birthday as an independent state was performed. So a lot of red-and-white colors (the state colors) and a lot of patriotic favorites.

The other spontaneous show we saw was a water projection, which reminded me of the one in Kyoto at the Kyu no Tanabata festival. What I liked the most was that they played with lasers in different colors. That show took place in front of the huge MBS (Marina Bay Sands) shopping center - next to Chanel and other expensive brands. The Louis Vuitton shop is even located on an extra little island.

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