Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 71 - Bye Bye Work

This morning, after we drew money at the NUS campus, I had my last osteopathy appointment. Because we were extremely fast and early, I decided to go to the NUS Coop shop directly afterwards, and not wait for lunchtime. I bought NUS running shorts (in addition to my very cool NUS sweater) and another polo shirt for my father.

Just as a remembrance of that pungent durian smell. 

I wasn't too enthusiastic about having lunch all alone. Therefore I went home and did some workout in the afternoon - not only because I feel guilty of yesterday's dinner lol.
In the evening, we went for a walk to the next hawker centre near our residence. As some sort of "goodbye" to four intensive working weeks in Singapore, we tried the Indian Roti Prata as a last opportunity there which was great. And some satay sticks with that incredible peanut sauce. I wish you could have tasted this together with us.

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