Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 70 - Record Haze and an Evening at the Swiss Club

No kidding, the haze was already that dense in the late morning, and it even got denser in the afternoon.

This morning, we could only imagine the neighboring highrises in the haze. On these days, the most important website is where you can find hourly updates of the 24-hour-average and, what is more important, the current 3-hour-average. After a peak of 245 after midnight, it went down to 160 in the late afternoon, only to increase again up to 320 in the early evening. What that means: You cough, your eyes burn, it smells, it is dark even during the day. The official recommendations are:
0 - 50: good air quality
50 - 100: moderate air quality, normal activities
100 - 200: unhealtly range, reduce outdoor activities
200 - 300: very unhealthy, minimize outdoor activities
> 300: hazardous, avoid outdoor activities

It was just below 300 at when we took an air-conditioned taxi at 18:00 (walking is too dangerous) to the Swiss Club Singapore. Since the Club is located close to the "green lung" in the middle of the island, it was a little better there. The Swiss Club is one of the oldest in Singapore. It started as a shooting club of Swiss expats in the 1890s. Now the compound also hosts the Swiss embassy, a German and a Swiss school, and lots of sports facilities (tennis, pools) - and of course a shooting range ;-)

The main building was erected in the late 1920s

The trail signs on the club grounds resemble those
that you find on the mountains in Switzerland.

Sorry, St. Gallers - They don't serve Olma sausage here
so that we had Züri veal with Rösti instead

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