Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 53-57 - Working Week

For this week pure work was scheduled. Therefore not too much happened, except we discovered other university canteens and, after catching the wrong bus, I drove nearly an hour over the entire campus before reaching my destination.

As my father was working continuously on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had lunch with my new colleague. As she wasn't at this place for longer than three weeks, she was almost in the same discovery mood like I was. Therefore we again landed at the far east bus terminal where we were kicked out and had to find the right bus back to our office..... For one lunch we went to University Town, where we missed the FREE Ice Cream stand, unfortunately. But there were many, many people queuing and some sort of public advertising running, with loud music and cameramen...

On the second day, I had to find my way back to our apartment alone. Somehow I was very busy and did not see which bus came, but simply entered. As a result I had no idea in which bus I was in, and where I would descend. As we passed by the station which normally is the second-last, I thought, cool, made it. But somehow the bus made a turn to the wrong side and in the end I landed at the far east point, instead of in the far west, where our apartment is. It was kind of difficult to re-find my station, but finally I catched the right bus, descended one station too early (just in case, not to go around again), and walked. "Take a walk!" - Good job, Aurelia.

Amazingly large selection of everything yummie you can imagine
Another seminar on Marketing on Thursday - as you see, it's not too crowded because outside of the Auditorium, the crowd enjoyed an Indian buffet dinner that was offered after the preceding lecture. When one after another strolled in 10 mins later, the presenter shared his opinion on timeliness and etiquette

Adjacent to our apartment, there is a Japanese primary school. They often have school-wide student activities on their baseball field. I have no idea what this constellations is good for. My sleep was over when the friendly head coach (or headmaster) used a powerful loudspeaker to address the crowd. Poor me. 

By now I am pretty exhausted from that week, because I am not used to computer screen work at all. And 6,5 hours for five days on and on was pretty hard to handle, though.

On Friday, by the way, the first general elections in Singapore since the death of Singapore's 'founding father' were held. Nobody in the streets, everybody voting, despite some party representatives at the shopping mall and hawker center. We even have a Nike Factory Store here! And in the evening we were invited again for a wonderful Indian dinner - yummie.

P.S. The ruling party was able to extend their voting share from 60% to nearly 70%, allowing them to get over 90% of the seats in Parliament. So the party that ruled the country for 50 years, will be in charge for at least four more years.

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