Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 51 - My First Mosque and the Lotus Blossom

There are good reasons why durians are worth
to be mentioned separately. It is said that you
will never get the smell removed... (Bugis day)

Today we went again to Chinatown and visited the upper floors of the Buddha Tooth Temple. This temple is quite modern, it features an elevator and you can leave on your shoes in general. They are however particular about naked shoulders and knees so that we had to wear rental robes (that are provided free of charge in every temple). On the fourth floor, the most valued treasure is said to be a real tooth of Buddha. If that's true, he had a real huge dentition, though. On the fifth floor there is a huge prayer mill and an orchid garden.
The temple is really big with lots of gold and thousands of numbered Buddha statues, very nice to watch - especially when the Buddhist monks are singing their prayers or playing traditional temple music. 

Next stop: our first mosque! Tell this a Swiss conservative, to build a mosque next to a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple and even a church. Here there are all in the same street. I already wrote a lot about this topic on the Chinatown day, but today we dared going into the mosque. It's the first mosque I have ever been to in my life. There were some kids playing tag that helped us to prepare for the inside: they pointed us ^to brochures explaining Islam, and they showed us the place were we could take long, dark green coats before entering. My first impressions: modest, plain, simple. Tourists were not allowed to walk on the carpet area, what I understand, because you first have to wash your feet and so on and so forth. We even were advised by a friendly elderly Muslim who explained us certain things that were exposed on the sidewalks around the carpet area.

After this we visited the ArtScience Museum that looks like a lotus flower in front of the Marina Bay Sands building. In there we went through the three current exhibition: DEEP, Dreamworks Animation, and the Singapore Straits Times. While we visited the Straits Times exhibition just to have a look at the amazing architecture of the exhibition rooms, we enjoyed DEEP and the Dreamworks Animation very much. Creepy creatures, down there in the deep sea, really creepy. The whole exhibition halls are dark and cold. I first thought this coolness was intention, to feel like in the cold deep sea, but the entire museum was that cold! It wasn't even cool, it was really cold. That's why we had to make a little faster, because it wasn't so nice for short and shirt wearers. And I loved the touch screen monitors so much, where you could edit a Dreamworks Animation character (Po from Kung Fu Panda, one of the Penguins from Madagascar, and two others) in funny ways...

P.S. I cannot get enough of Satay
(always served with yummie peanut
sauce, rice and cucumber)!!!

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