Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 46 - A Campus as large as my home city

This Monday morning we happened to feel like working, so that we tried to find our office on the huge campus of the National University of Singapore (NUS). Because for the seminar on Thursday the dress code said no shorts and no colorful t-shirt, I did not dare wearing something else today. As a result I was sweating a lot, in long drainpipe jeans and flapping white shirt. We spent about an hour waiting for buses or riding one of the NUS buses across this huge campus, until we finally found the right building, the right floor and office - empty. But nevertheless we got a good overview of the 80000-student campus, tried most of the eight internal bus routes and found out which connections are best to commute between our apartment and the office.

In the evening, after having curry for lunch, we tried to figure out a useful path for jogging. With all these traffic lights and overpaths, jogging was not so delightful than along Kyoto's Philosopher's Path. But what we did discover was a jogging lane like the Vitaparcours in Switzerland, with some installations along the path. We did even find the wonderful park that is recommended for jogging and spent some time at the beach - how nice this was!

Home-made Singapore curry

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