Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 52 - Brazilian Feelings on the Lawn

Tonight we attended a free concert in the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. First a very cool (and very loud) students group named "Samba Masala" played Rio Carnival like music with whistles and many drums - was so awesome! When talking to them afterwards, we learned that they are a music group of the Singapore Management University. They played for about 20 very enjoyable minutes. At 7 p.m. the main act, the duo "Bastos and Borges" began its concert: a woman and a man from Brazil that sweetened our evening on the piano and flute with Brazilian music, classic to modern. A relaxed evening on the lawn, with children running around, families having picnic, and two - obviously Brazilian - young ladies that were inspired to dance to the music.

Because everybody else except us had dinner on the lawn during the concert, we went to the next best hawker center and enjoyed Char kway teow (left, was part of our cooking  class) and for the first time black carrot cake (right). Yes, it is neither carrot nor cake, but VERY very tasty!!

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