Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 68 - 15 Kilometers though the Jungle

Yeah, what a hearty welcome to today's hike through the MacRitchie Reservoir Park (known as "the jungle" or "the city's lung"). Fortunately we didn't encounter any snakes, and only one single monkey that even wasn't aggressive (you are advised not to carry plastic bags because the monkeys will steal them). It was quite impressive that you drive though a really big city full of highrise buildings for 40 minutes and then all of sudden are in deep forest. The forest by the way is all primary forest (never cleared). 
Wooden snake - only scary from a distance
The hike around MacRitchie Reservoir is rich in variety. Some stretches are paved, some a narrow jungle paths. There is a long suspension bridge through the tree tops. You walk on wood footbridges along the embankment of the reservoir for several kms. There is even a tower to observe birds. All in all some 15 kilometers. There are several simple huts to seek shelter in case of heavy rain, but there is no food or water along the trail.

This is not dirt! Many plants are partially covered with parasite algae

The view from the bird observation tower -
The haze is starting to increase again

2-3cm long ants - quite impressive when occurring in large numbers

At the embankment of MacRitchie Reservoir,
all kinds of exercise equipment is provided for free
After hinking 15 kilometers, we were not in the mood to look around for a food centre at Marrymount, the area east of the reservoir. We stopped along our MRT ride at Adam food centre where we had been two times before. In addition to black "carrot cake" that we had before, we tried "mee goreng" - which are fortunately less spicy than their red color may suggest. 


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