Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 62 - Unexpected Acupuncture

Yesterday phoned, appointment today - how fast this works! From a friend living in Singapore, I was recommended a physiotherapy and osteopathy in Bukit Timah. After a great Korean lunch in the Business School canteen at NUS, I drove all on my own to that place. Fortunately you got Google maps on my mobile phone, so that I could see were we were driving to not miss my bus station. In most buses, stops are not displayed or announced, nothing! In contrast to the MRT, where not only all station names are announced three time mentioned, but in between you are entertained by announcements like "Please do not lean against the train doors" or "If you see any suspicious looking person or article, please inform our staff or press the emergency communication button, located at the side of the train doors" - and yes, I know it by heart already.

The station after the "After Swiss Club Road" station was mine to exit. I found that house, the right floor and the right room code very quickly (in Singapore, your address does not only indicate the street and number, but also the floor and apartment number - a #03-02 means that you have to go to the third floor to apartment no 2. My osteopath is a very nice and pretty British woman that, after a brief questioning, began to examine my problem causing parts, and very soon gave a statement that confirmed another Swiss physiotherapist's analysis.

For those who are interested: As I am walking with a very unhealthy, not good-looking, and strange posture since I have been thinking, my muscles got incredibly solid and inflexible. They have been so callous now that they began holding onto my nerves, exactly the nerves that stream into my hands (and also feet). As a result my wrists inflamed because of that inflexibility, and that's why everybody thought I suffered from tendinitis. How to better? Walk in a upright posture (oh no). Stretch ribs, legs, bottom and the pectoral muscles. Have a lot of massages.

Apropos massages: I did not even get a wonderful peppermint smelling massage, and a back creaking pressure action, but even acupuncture! As I didn't expect this, I first was a little shocked, but agreed, because I have never tried before (and actually wanted to!). But I certainly was confused about her not only sticking the needles into the certain points, but to poke it in and out, and the same action with the same needle for the next point (I almost asked her to take a picture of the needles in my back, but then realized that there weren't any needles in there).

I certainly enjoyed this experience, and I almost didn't feel any pain. Sometimes she poked a nerve, so that my arm twitched - rather uncomfortable but bearable. And I really felt the difference!


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  1. While acupuncture seems interesting, I couldn't follow your story very easily. I suggest going back and reading it aloud to see how it sounds. I definitely see your creativity coming through, so be careful not to lose that, but sometimes I think that creative bit clouds over what you are trying to say and you lose your reader.

    Anisha Cason @ U.S. HealthWorks Berkeley