Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 50 - Office Time

Today was our first "real" day at the university. We found our place straight ahead (not like on Monday), and worked the whole day on the computer. Especially my father, because I was not yet tasked, what means I tried to spend my day with something...

We went to lunch with a colleague who was quite familiar with NUS already. He recommended the School of Engineering Canteen, also known as the "Techno Edge". Quite stunning how low the prize level is: in average you pay 2-5 S$ for a meal, and 0.50-1.50 S$ for a drink. This is so cheap compared to Switzerland's canteen meals that cost on average 15 S$. But you certainly should avoid peak times unless you are willing to queue up for 15 minutes. Unlike a hawker center where the queues are a good way to spot the best food stalls, here there are queues at all stands.
By the way, you are constantly reminded across the campus to be environmentally aware. As there are about eight internal bus lines running across the campus (because it's so big!!) you often find invitation posters which say "Take a walk! Go around the campus green!". Many posters even remind you to recycle or to refuse plastic bags, to avoid fried food and to eat more veggies to fight global warming. Alright, but we nevertheless saw not many people walking, bringing and re-using plastic bags (as we do) or avoiding fried stuff...

In front of the Cultural Center on the NUS campus

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