Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 72 - East Coasts Delights

Recommended by locals, today we wanted to try Hawker-style seafood, and the East Coast centre was the place to go. After driving by bus, MRT and bus again for 75 minutes the "East Coast Seafood Centre" appeared to be just a row of seafood restaurants. What a disappointment, with so many seafood items on our list still to be tried. In a restaurants you cannot look into the woks or kitchens, try and smell the food, and have different dishes at minimal cost. Fortunately, only 200 meters further east we found the "real thing", the hawker-like "Food Village". We tried Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodles and a Prawn Laksa with Kopi Ice and Teh Tarik. Old but gold. Being mentioned in many travel guides and being located right at the beach under palm trees, "Food Village" is more expensive and a little less authentic than other hawker centres. But still much better than a restaurant, at least for us... 

Playing with battle tanks, okkkk.
Monet is greeting - sun through haze.

Later on we attended a performance of the concert series that honors Singapore's 50th birthday. Every concert being staged at a different park, today's venue was the Bedok Reservoir Park where the stage "floats" on the lake and where concrete seat rows make it more comfortable to spend a few hours. The program was quite diverse: About ten different groups of musicians and dancers performed, from traditional Mozart's quartets over OneDirection songs performed with traditional Javanese instruments to Mamma Mia by being played a traditional Chinese orchestra. In between the musicians, a Midsummer Night's Dream with many fairies was danced on stage, and even a very extraordinairy LED water drum group performed (see picture).

The Balinese musicians transport their heavy instruments

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