Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 101 and I saw a Dalmatian - At Curtin University

Today wasn't such a busy day. At home my room is quite dark, even though it is daylight. My room here in Fremantle has a sun-blind which isn't much darkening. When I wake up in the morning to the bird's songs (which sound for me like screaming dwarves), the room is already light but I know that it's early. When I wake up the next time it's always around 9 AM which feels like 11 at least...

Anyway, I joined my father today on his day at the university. It took us around one hour to get there. We had Spanish lunch with my father's colleague from a lonely truck. The campus is a lot smaller compared to that of the National University of Singapore (30k instead of 80k students), but has a lot more green, is more innovative with several installations like this "Learning Curve" or the wooden bench which all are student projects. And all over the campus you can find beanbag chairs to chill in and enjoy the (usually)good weather. A really cool campus with so many little parks and shady places under trees, fancy lunch locations, very modern. So I came to buy a purple sweater from Curtin University.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring a jacket, and it was really chilly outside. We could leave the office (that has a great view of Perth) only very late, because Switzerland switched to standard time the day before, which means that we now have seven hours difference and the Skype calls ended very late. But I still ask myself, why does Australia not switch?

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