Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 94 - The City of No Worries

Our cottage
Right after we woke up we swung ourselves to the laptop and shopped online! Not clothes or stuff, but food. Never done anything like this yet, and I have to admit it wasn't too much fun. You never know how the veggies are sized, and you lose that kind of "housewives" feeling, when you don't even leave your house to buy food. We did, because the supermarket is more than 1km away, and for our start in that cottage, we needed lots of heavy stuff (e.g., beverages) which we didn't want to schlep home.

Monument hill, a war memorial.
The rest of the morning we spent organizing things at home, then headed for a first time towards Fremantle center. On the way I discovered the funny nickname "Cappuccino Strip" where we tried to find a restaurant for lunch (near that street, because it's expensive in comparison), but both of the recommended eateries were closed during the day. We ended up in an Italian restaurant in the middle of the "Cappuccino Strip". That means that we already checked out the first "must do" of Fremantle a.k.a. Freo ;-)

Western Australia's oldest building: Fremantle Prison, where 44 persons were executed.

The "Cappuccino Strip"
Posing for the upcoming Freo Festival

Back home our landlady showed up. She lives next door to our cottage, conveniently. Even if I may have already mentioned it, it cannot be praised to often that half our fridge was already filled with all the food stuff we needed to survive when we arrived. What a nice lady she is, how friendly and open.

In the late afternoon we spontaneously decided to watch the sunset at the pier. Fortunately we forgot our camera at home, because a fund raiser confused us. Otherwise we might have seen the accident in that happened not much earlier than we arrived in front of our bus stop... A poor motorcyclist was lying on the ground, next to his damaged motorbike, with a lot of people around, among them the motorcyclist's friend... What a pity that we couldn't help.

Anyway, I was pretty lucky that I brought my fleece jacket, because the wind was ass cold. The sunset was amazing, although we were surprised by a thin long cloud at the horizon. There were also many fisherman and especially these funny humped birds that wore all the same white ponytail. In that cold we then had to watch a departing container ship as well. My father may resist watching even the most interesting car, but cannot resist even the most boring locomotives. planes or ships passing by.

These 20 secs took me 10 mins

Colorful High Street at night

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