Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 85 - Finally Arriving on the "Elephant Island" (Koh Chang)

After a very simple breakfast, the shuttle organized by Bangkok Airways (at least they do care for their stranded passengers) took us to the ferry and finally to our resort hotel. I learned that driving by car and bus is much more interesting than flying by plane, if you are interested in terrestrial landscapes, animals, people and feeling. If you like cities and planning, take the plane. I love both but the bus ride to our resort was as mountainous as in Switzerland, or even more. 

It's awesome. Except that you hear your neighbor peeing everything's amazing! The room, the nature bathroom, the service, the pool, the palms, the beach. We even discovered a swing between two palms at the beach, how kitschy! Because the resort is about 1,5 kilometers away from the village's main road, almost hourly a shuttle drives between the two stations. For lunch we chose a beach restaurant where you could see the sea under the planks you were sitting on. Most people prefer to swim in pools rather than in the sea because, although the beach is clean, the water is warm and shallow, there is lots of jellyfish out there that you don't want to meet. In particular my father had already made a very unpleasant jellyfish experience in Yakushima / Japan.

Almost like Teh Tarik in Singapore, almost like
Thai Tea in Bangkok. Some restaurants know
about Thai Tea, some don't. Even though in
Thailand... So we got a Black Tea Ice :-)

Fisher boats catching seafood
In the evening you can see "ignes fatui" at the horizon.
No, these lights are green lamps from the fisher boats.

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