Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 74 - Moving to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

After for weeks, we finally packed all our stuff this morning. As we bought quite a lot of things and received some presents, our suitcases weighed more than 20 kg, my backpack was fully stuffed and I even had to take a second little bag. In order not to spoil all the efforts for my therapy sessions, we decided to take a taxi to our new hotel, instead of using the public transports - lucky me ;-) 

Fantastic waiting bench decoration in
the Marina Bay Sands Hotel hall

We arrived at the Tower 1 of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with all our stuff and I felt so sorry for the poor page boys who had to lift my baggage. After some time we could leave our bags at the hotel and took a walk through the haze in the Gardens By The Bay. Unfortunately and against our expectations, the food stalls from yesterday eve were all closed. No food. As the other hawker centre at Marina Bay only opens at about 4 PM, we had to take the MRT to the Maxwell hawker centre, again, for a last time. 

Hainanese Chicken Rice and, in the background, Curry Puff

The view from our balcony

We could even watch the big Moon Fest lanterns from our room

We watched the Gardens By The Bay Lightshow even twice

The view from the pool on the roof top. It is really confusing how to get there using two different elevators. Two times I have been there alone, while my father was skypeing, to show my friends the pool via Skype. The first time was okay, but the second time I froze to death because it has started to rain and it was windy. While you couldn't see much at daytime due to the haze, at night fortunately the lights improved the city skyline view. The lasers on the rooftop belong to the evening lightshow down at Marina Bay.

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