Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 95 - Spontaneous Didgeridoo Lesson

This day my father had his first appointment with his colleague at Curtin University. Around 10 AM he left me, when I started to plan our two-week stay in Fremantle. This was quite easy, because we exactly came at the right time to experience the entire Fremantle Festival during these two weeks.

Yesterday at the visitor center I discovered the brochure of "Didgeridoo Breath" where you can learn in easy step-by-step how to play a didgeridoo. Because my father wasn't interested in that topic, I made use of my "time alone" and went to that store in town. After some orientation problems I "accidentally" found it and was a little shy, honestly. I entered and wanted to ask about the didgeridoo lesson on Saturday, when I was friendly greeted with "heeeey, we've gatt similar glasses!" (I'm in love with the Australian accent, by the way, although it's hard to understand sometimes: grait, not great...). What a cool young fresh man he was. Exactly how you imagine didgeridoo players in the "city of no worries": quite long beard, nerd glasses, flesh tunnels / plugs, "stop the knot"-knot. By the way, he must have been over two meters tall...

Awesome how he can make such sounds! I could hardly swing my lips in that wooden tube (made of gum tree naturally holed by termites). And if your lips don't swing, there's no sound. And if you just breath out it sounds airy and wouldn't last long. So you have to work with your abs and learn to breath out while breathing in which is not doable for me.

After that little lesson I was happy and walked a bit around Fremantle - but I can't tell where I have exactly been, because I was quite confused. On my unexpected "tour" through town I did not only get a little lost, but also discovered several venues for the Fremantle Festival, which gave me the sign that I wasn't too far away from anything... But one has to admit that there are only a very few street name signs! I walked through some cute parks and playgrounds until I reached the bench where I would spent the next 1,5 hours reading. Fortunately I put some sunscreen on before I left, but however I feel a little burnt. Or maybe I'm just too hysteric about the ozone hole over Australia... I have to admit, I probably couldn't lay at the beach in only a bikini without any sunscreen, hat or sunglasses. The sun really is so strong and bright.

When I was hungry I headed back home, because the markets (where I actually wanted to eat) are only opened from Friday to Sunday. (Unfortunately) I came across two guys sitting on a bench at Kings Square (I finally found that orientation point after a while). Both with sunglasses on, so I couldn't even see their eyes what annoyed me a lot. Anyway, I was about passing by, when they yelled "hiiii, hellooo", so I came over. The conversation wasn't too interesting, but he has now a memory of me in form of a photograph on which I remembered me not having looked too friendly -haha. The moment I told my friend in Skype about the happening I was scared for the rest of the day, because I was informed about human traffickers and their stories........ Nothing happened, yet. 

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