Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 96 - Biking Tour and Sunset Picknick in Cottesloe

As today seemed to be amazing weather, we decided to hire two bikes (for free!) at the visitor center for the rest of the day. Fortunately they had exactly two bikes left for us, and not much later we were at the beach promenade - to be more precisely, at the Roundhouse with a view on High Street. High Street is not only an important street for us (because we just have to walk all along High Street until we reach the side street where our cottage is), but also for the city of Fremantle because it is the main street to Perth. 

Quite old buildings in contrast to.....
....these new buildings in Fremantle's South area

The biking was amazing. We biked southwards, mostly along the beach on a bike path through the natural coast vegetation. We did several stops, but the most important was certainly the lunch stop where we ate Fish 'n Chips at the beach. The portions appeared to be rather for a family than for two. What a pity that we got a little sick from the greasy food - in particular as the initial plan was to have a picnic with Fish 'n Chips also tonight with friends at the beach...

At the Fishing Harbor of Fremantle we discovered (eating an Italian gelato) hundreds of jelly fish. I believe there were even more that you just couldn't see, because they had to be spotlighted by the sun but swim in front of a dark background... Ewww. 

In the evening we got quite spoiled by my father's colleague and his wife who invited us for a picnic at Cottesloe beach! May I say that it was awesome? In the wind shade of the iconic Cottesloe beach pavillon, we had such a great view of the sunset without Fish 'n Chips, but with yummie calamari and greek salad.  

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