Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 75 - A Hazy Departure

Using our 7-eleven food bought yesterday, we had a funny breakfast, composed of a coffee flavored roll. At least the belly wasn't too puffy for the bikini then ;-) Despite the heavy rain yesterday, the haze was not significantly reduced - instead it rose to PSI 240, again. Unfortunately we could only imagine the buildings of Singapore, and only the closest ones. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel seemed to magically vanish into the Nothing. The pool and the air however were much warmer than yesterday evening. Unfortunately we didn't have too much time to enjoy. You don't feel too healthy in that smokey air, and we had to check out at 11 AM. 

We spent the last night before the flight to Thailand (that was scheduled for 7:10 AM) in the airport hotel. Never seen a better designed entrance, floor or room. I'm in love with that carpet. The wake-up, by the way, was deadly (at 5 AM). By the way: we got our dinner yesterday in the hawker centre at the airport. A few stalls and a big place for tables and seats to eat - in an airport! A dinner for 7 CHF per person. You cannot say this about Zurich Airport, for example...

Conclusion about Singapore:
I have to say that I am in love with Singapore. People that enjoy delicious Asian food should visit this place and dare to go to the hawkers. They are cheap and clean! If you go to a restaurant, you lose this special Singapore feeling. You should certainly go through this list which is amazing and points you to the essential local specialties like Laksa, Wanton mee, etc. Almost everything that isn't chicken feet (which I didn't try) is awesome. Even if you are interested in city planning Singapore is interesting, because everything is quite purposely planned in a top-down manner - even at the expense of historic buildings that are continuously "eaten up" by the growing central business district. In order to preserve historic quarters, lots of development will happen on newly reclaimed land. Everyone speaks English, you can easily survive. Even if you aren't conservative, you'll be positively surprised about the diversity of cultures and religions. But I think without strict controls in this police state, it wouldn't work either. Difficult topic, control and being watched. As there don't exist any seasons in Singapore (tropical), I suggest to rather visit in the rainy season, because: better one time a day a heavy rain than lots of (theoretical) sunshine that is spoiled by haze from Indonesia. 

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