Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 103 - Uni Day, Fact Day

Some time at the university, again, to list some of my impressions about the (Western) Australian identity...
  • Every time you think, ok the bus is coming, or, wow a rad car is rolling by, you'll be fooled in most cases. They're just souped-up passenger cars or mini-vans, to have at least a cool sound while driving a junk car. 
  • Among these junk cars you'll discover many classic US cars driving through the streets. Or even light blue Beetles, or cheesy VW buses.
  • The "dwarf-crows" annoy me every time I hear them. It seems like they live all over Western Australia!
  • The bus drivers are extremely friendly and care about every person near the bus stop. And even in a city with almost two million inhabitants the people greet the bus driver when getting on, and thank him when getting off. Mostly with "Thanks man", "Thank you", or "Cheers".
  • It is hard to find a non-tattooed person among those that you spot on the streets or in public transports during the day on working days, or among the staff at cafes and shops.

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