Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 104 - Scarborough Memories

This is the beautiful Scarborough Beach.
Actually I should have remembered all this here, because thirteen years ago we lived for more than four weeks in a house close to this beach. Maybe I was too small (not even 5 y/o), or this stay just wasn't so impressive that it shaped me ;-) Quite sad, though. The playground seemed familiar to me, but I can't tell for sure.
We walked along the beach for more than an hour (me in my black drainpipe jeans, very appropriate...) and couldn't stop being amazed by the water color and the perfect weather, as the day has started with thick low clouds all over.

We had lunch in the "Wild Fig Café", a quite particular place: I have never seen such a menu, the dishes seemed totally mixed together like I would never dare to mix things, but it sounded so great! I tried pumpkin gnocchi which were awesome. Behind each dish they indicated if it was either vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. The Aussies seem to love healthy eating.

Read what is displayed in the female restroom: "With 180° ocean views, a vibrant atmosphere, amazing food, great coffee and stunning sunsets, the Wild Fig Café is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Wild Fig is an environmentally & socially conscious café, only using free-range chicken & eggs, recycling whenever possible, serving 100% fair trade coffee & supporting community and international charity projects. The Fig also supports local artists. Funky, vibrant works of art line the interior walls of the café & local musicians entertain with uplifting jazz & smooth soul each weekend!"

At the train station we found another poster, which was less terrific but more terrifying: "We'd rather pick up your phone than what's left of you" - cruel but true. In contrast to Singapore, here the platforms are not separated from the tracks so that you may be inclined to jump on the tracks to pick up your dropped smartphone.

Fortunately we just met "acceptable" animals
(not like horrendous spiders or so), like this
foot-long undefinable reptile.

From the second next beach ("North Beach"), we took the bus back to Perth. Perth has a beach that is at least 100 km long, but there seems not to be a single bus line that runs along the coast. When wanting to go from beach A to beach B, the "shortest" (= longest, but only) way is mostly via Perth city.

In Perth city we decided to try out the Swan river ferry to South Perth. Nicely, the ferry line is included in all Transperth train/bus tickets. On the boat we still had relatively good weather and blue skies behind the Perth skyline. After we arrived 10 minutes later, the clouds became thicker and thicker, in an enormous tempo. We had a coffee and a snack (since ages!) at the riverfront, with a view of the Perth skyline. And because it got cloudy, we decided not to go to Kings Park to watch the sunset, but instead returned to Fremantle.

At home we took a short walk to Memorial Hill around the corner to watch the sunset there (fortunately it was still cloudy so we didn't have to regret not staying in Perth)... Next to suns going down, lights lighting up and people doing exercise, we saw birds hanging around in trees. Literally hanging ;-) Whatever?

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