Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 105 - Freo Markets


As it was Friday and the popular Fremantle Markets are only opened from Friday to Sunday, we grabbed the chance to visit them. I have to admit that I am not very used to market life, with all the negotiating etc. Arrived, we first made some rounds through the whole place which wasn't too enormous big, fortunately. The back part was full of vegetables and fresh market things. In the middle part you could find ready-to-eat food, cheese, honey or cupcake stalls. The front hall was full of tourist stores selling Aboriginal art, didgeridoos, boomerangs and the usual stuff. 

As Freo is claiming to support sustainable living in various ways, you can also find some related stalls in the Markets: the coffee stall was fully fair trade, and next to this we found a vegetarian/vegan stall where you could order not only fruit juices and small pastries, but a green smoothie. What do you understand by green smoothie? Broccoli, salad, some green stuff like that from a mixer? Wrong here, it's made of grass. The grass was even freshly harvested (see photo). Maybe a special grass, but grass! I ate grass sometimes as a child, just for trying, and I definitely don't want to be a cow, eating only grass, because it wasn't toooooo tasty, though. And now a grass smoothie? Strange world! But probably I would change my mind by trying, chicken-hearted me. Instead, we indulged in eating a Nutella crêpe.


By the way, these pianos in the beginning were just standing there around, and as one of them already tells: feel free to play! There was a post explaining detailed rules about how loud, how long, how old you must be, which instruments... I think even if my hands would have recovered finally, I wouldn't have dared to play, there were so many people haha ;-)

Nice registration number, though.
We also spotted a car named "FATTAZ"
Our prey: chili pesto, Parmesan, strawberries, strawberry
mango (front), banana mango (back). Yes, they deserve
their name, the banana mango was exactly the banana
version of a mango. Or the other way around... Yum! 

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